Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SGS Intron Awarded Consultancy Services Contract For King Fahd Causeway

SGS Intron has been awarded a contract to provide complex third-party consultancy services for the King Fahd Causeway - a 25-kilometer long and 23-meter wide marine, four-lane road connecting Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, supposed to support road traffic and significantly reduce travel time between the two kingdoms.

Since constructing a causeway with these dimensions and situating it in a harsh environment of the Middle East presented a big challenge due to the high risk of early damages to the concrete, the project owner looked for a reliable third-party inspection, verification, and testing company.

SGS Intron supplied a wide range of third-party consultancy services before and during the construction of the King Fahd Causeway, with the aim to assess the expected service life of the concrete and coating to build a solid construction as well as performs comprehensive monitoring of the service life after the construction completion. As a world’s leading provider of inspection, testing, certification, and verification services, with over 35 years of unrivaled experience in investigating structural damage, SGS Intron assessed the expected service life of the concrete and coating by providing a wide portfolio of Service Life Prediction services, including durability tests on materials, modeling service life, risk assessment, and selection of materials.

Based on its extensive expertise and know-how in the construction sector, SGS Intron carried out various analyses of the building materials in order to select the most appropriate ones for the harsh climate of the Arabian Gulf. Moreover, SGS Intron’s highly skilled experts performed comprehensive laboratory experiments to establish performance of the materials before and during the construction of the causeway, as well as monitored the service life by conducting analyses of cores drilled from test piles. With its complex Service Life Prediction services, SGS supported the project owner in achieving the required service life, making the right decisions during the design and execution to ensure that the project could perform its primary function during its lifespan and avoiding premature failures and their costs, as well as predicting the maintenance cost of the King Fahd Causeway throughout its lifespan.


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