Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ringway Resurfaces Carriageway From The Gates Of Buckingham Palace to Constitution Hill

Five divisions of Ringway have been deployed on the thoroughfare linking the Mall, from the gates of Buckingham Palace to Constitution Hill, on a £400,000 surfacing contract for The Royal Parks.

Ringway was tasked with excavating trenches and inserting new ducting and re-surfacing across the main carriageway, from the main gates of St James and Green Park to the centre island, home to the famous Queen Victoria Memorial. These works had to be completed during day time hours and in between the Changing of the Guards – an event which attracts significant numbers of tourists every day.

Working on such a prestigious venue, it was imperative that disruption was kept to a minimum and that the materials and quality of work were appropriate. A suitable colour match to the existing surface was a major challenge, but, after technical trials were undertaken, Ringway achieved a colour match.

The company’s own Surfacing division delivered the rest of the project over eight night shifts, under a full road closure. The works involved removal of the old red asphalt surfacing by planing to a depth of 100mm in the main carriageway around both sides of the Queen Victoria Memorial from Constitution Hill to The Mall, as well as the pedestrian areas in front of Buckingham Palace.

“The work was carried out to a very tight schedule, in a prestigious location and to the full satisfaction of The Royal Parks,” says Paul Kidd, Ringway’s Operations Manager. “The job is a credit to Ringway and demonstrates our capacity to deliver for the benefit of the customer.”


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