Saturday, July 10, 2010

Waterproofing Coating to Concrete Water Tank

Basically, internal surface coating in potable water tank shall be smooth, easy-to-clean and has high mechanical resistance to accommodate the erosion of movement of water. Most important thing is that this coating shall not adversely influence the quality of water.

Sika has been supplying SikaTop Seal 107 or Icosit TW 450 to large numbers of water projects. This product has been tested in local and international laboratory and meets the requirement for waterproofing and protective coating in contact with potable water.

In waste water treatment, besides providing waterproofing properties, internal surface coating shall be able to protect the reinforced concrete structure from aggressive chemicals attack. The degree of chemical attacks then depends on type of chemical involved, time of exposure as well as service temperature itself.

To give the right solution, it is necessary to know all these information before hand. As reference, herewith is some Sika products that have been applied for waste water treatment internal coating: Inertol Poxitar F, 2-part protective coating on epoxy coal tar pitch base and Sikagard 63 N, high build, chemical resistant epoxy resin coating.

In providing waterproofing system to concrete water tank, a good surface coating does not by itself makes a water tank waterproofed. Area of weaknesses are often found at the openings, pipe entry and construction joint or expansion joint system and for these areas waterstops and joint sealant have become an integral part of the whole waterproofing system.

Various types of waterstops are available from Sika, ranging from Sika Waterbars- flexible PVC waterbar to Sika Hydrotite – water swellable profiles. Sikaflex PRO-2HP is one of joint sealant available from Sika. This polyurethane based joint sealant is also has test certificate in compliance with potable water. Sikaflex Pro-3WF is usually used to seal gap & opening of joints when chemical resistance is required especially in waste water treatment plants. Sikadur Combiflex a highly chemical resistant PVC is also available to seal large or wide gaps and openings.


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