Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Premium New Houses İn Windsor Obtain İnstant Curbside Appeal With Redland's Heathland Concrete Tiles

Redland's Heathland range of concrete tiles are virtually indistinguishable from the hand-made equivalents at 50% of the cost. Heathland concrete tiles were launched as a near-perfect imitation of the hand-made clay tiles that are particularly popular in the South of the country. The manufacturing process faithfully reproduces the attractive aesthetic and random irregularities in the size and surface texture that are expected with a hand-made product.

A development of premium new houses in Windsor is one of the first completed projects to use the Elizabethan colour of Redland’s Heathland tile range. For this development A2Dominion New Homes wanted a high-quality finish that would make a positive contribution to the kerb-appeal of the semi-detached houses: one which would sit comfortably with the established style of the surrounding architecture.

Commercial Director Christopher Swordy at A2Dominion New Homes was clear on the reasons for specifying the Heathland product: “With our higher value properties, we find it worthwhile spending additional money on the roof tiles to obtain that instant kerbside appeal, particularly in an area like Windsor with very discerning buyers.”

The Heathland range now includes the established Ember, Autumn, Manor House Mix colours together with the Elizabethan and Wealden Red launched in 2010.


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