Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Insulslab SFRC Launches Approved Installer Network

Following the rapid adoption of Insulslab SFRC by a series of national housebuilders, an Approved Installer Network has been launched that will provide access to a team of fully trained, highly efficient and extremely competitive ground engineers who are qualified to work with the Insulslab system.

Insulslab SFRC is a fully integrated and super insulated foundation system that has been proven to deliver time and cost savings on-site whilst achieving superior levels of thermal insulation. Constructed of interlocking expanded polystyrene (EPS) pods, Insulslab SFRC is simply laid in place to form a rigid waffle shaped slab, with steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) then poured on top to deliver the foundation up to ground floor slab level.

Since its UK launch, BBA-approved Insulslab SFRC has grown in popularity with developers as it significantly increases speed of build, supports the thermal performance of buildings and has significant savings over traditional, deep trench and pile foundations. In response to this demand, Insulslab SFRC has developed the national Approved Network to further increase the efficiency of build for developers.

Andrew Orriss, Insulslab SFRC, explains: “Whilst an Insulslab SFRC technical engineer attends the start of all new developments where the system is used, we recognised that by having a pre-approved network of ground engineers nationwide, we will remove the vulnerability of on-site training at the start of each project. Instead, there will now be fully trained ground engineers able to hit the ground running.”

As a new programme, the Insulslab SFRC Approved Network represents an opportunity for established ground engineers to diversify their service offering and achieve competitive advantage. As a fast-track method of construction which supports sustainable insulation targets, Insulslab SFRC is set to triple in volume in the next three years.

Andrew Orriss continues: “Ground engineers who achieve accreditation early on will be at a distinct advantage over those that continue to only offer traditional groundwork services. Becoming an Approved Insulslab SFRC Installer will essentially set them apart from the competition and potentially open up new routes to work with some of the UK’s major housebuilders.”

To achieve Approval, ground engineers will need to undertake a comprehensive induction with Insulslab and SFRC manufacturer, Arcelormittal. Following on from this theory based workshop, a series of on-site inspections must be completed with Approval reviewed annually. As a nationwide network, Insulslab SFRC will provide approved ground engineers with opportunities to tender for local Insulslab SFRC projects direct with the developer or main contractor.


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